• HADLEY LOCK necklace [gold]
  • HADLEY LOCK necklace [gold]
  • HADLEY LOCK necklace [gold]

HADLEY LOCK necklace [gold]


Ellie Vail jewelry is designed for the everyday woman with a mix of classic and trend inspired styles. Her pieces are made from hypoallergenic materials and are water resistant. After the realization that stainless steel cuticle cutters did not rust when left in water, Ellie set out to create a line of jewelry using that very same material, but plated in 18k gold. Finally, she was able to say goodbye to low quality fashion jewelry and painful skin irritations!



Ellie Vail jewelry is made from hypoallergenic metals such as stainless steel and copper, which are plated in 18k gold. These materials can hold up to a normal amount of water and sweat and last for years.

What is most important is the underlying metal, which is the main cause of rusting, corroding, skin irritation and discoloration. Our metals will not corrode, rust, or irritate the skin. 

Overtime, even the highest quality plated jewelry will need to be re plated as plating natural wears down overtime. 

*Avoid all contact with lotions and perfumes as both will contribute to fading the plating a lot faster. 


Materials: 18k gold plated stainless steel

Measurements: 28" length, pendant 2.2 cm  

Closure: Lobster Clasp

Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic