• SEASHELL stone bracelet [white]
  • SEASHELL stone bracelet [white]

SEASHELL stone bracelet [white]

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BRAND: handmade by Kari Gems

Shells reduce stress and allow a greater sense of awareness. Shells can accelerate the healing process too mentally, physically and emotionally. Shell symbolise water and moon which allow an individual to become more expressive, calm and soft hearted. Shells depict unity too and imply to express the relationship, strength, balance and energy. The magnetic energy of shells balances the larger magnetic field that surrounds the human body.

Shells are associated with the third eye chakra of opening vision, intuition and spiritual insight. It also holds properties associated with release and purification as well. Conducive to healing shells acts as a balancing tone, creating a feeling of peaceful rest associated with the heart chakra.

Shell as an analogy of a spiritual evolution offers us an effective possibility and opportunity for healing, growth, and balance.