options! we LOVE options!

one of our FAVORITE jewelry lines that we carry at Vintage Glam is the Lenny & Eva collection!  

wearable + interchangeable inspiration! {HOW perfect is that!}

in the words of Lenny & Eva: 

the lenny & eva line centers around the concept of self expression & sentiments are designed to be collected and interchanged. whatever type of inspiration your day needs, look no further than your wrist.  keep adding to your collection to create one of kind inspiration that speaks to you!

i wanted to make sure you are aware of ALL the fabulous ways you can wear + interchange your Lenny & Eva pieces.   you purchase each piece separately so that you can create a custom look just for you!

the wonderful people at Lenny & Eva provided us with a style guide &
i am EXCITED to share these style ideas with you!
this will be part 1 of a few {or maybe more} blog posts on stylin' your Lenny & Eva...
starting out with the braided wraps...
so many options... check em out:
// details //

So versatile, we're still finding new ways to wear it.  The Braided Wrap is a must for your Lenny & Eva collection:  wear it as a bracelet or as a necklace {requires a small sentiment}.  


All wraps are made of genuine leather. Measures 18 inches {without the sentiment}.  With the sentiment {sold separately} the length of the bracelet is 19 7/8 inches long & you would wrap it around your wrist three times.  

Can also be worn with the large sentiments {requires two braided wraps}.

want MORE color...

add MORE braided wraps.

in the photo below i am wearing 4 braided wraps:
to wear multiple braids like this you actually clip the
lobster clasp TO THE lobster clasp on the other braid.
^^^^ love it on the SMALL sentiment as well! ^^^^
what do you think...
will you be trying out the BRAIDED WRAPS anytime SOON? 
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let me know if you have any questions...
XOXO,  eryn
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