Lenny & Eva

  • SPRING 2014 Lenny & Eva collection has arrived!!have you had a chance to peek at all of the NEW. AMAZING. INSPIRING pieces yet? {all Lenny & Eva items are available in the shop + online} ONE of the most EXCITING PIECES, is the "never forget your ROOTS" collection: we have MINNES... View Post
  • options! we LOVE options!

    one of our FAVORITE jewelry lines that we carry at Vintage Glam is the Lenny & Eva collection!   wearable + interchangeable inspiration! {HOW perfect is that!} in the words of Lenny & Eva:  the lenny & eva line centers around the concept of self expression & sentiments are designe... View Post
  • nothing is permanent....

    in this wicked world. not even our troubles. charlie chapmen what a GREAT quote, isn't it!? it happens to be one of the newest Lenny & Eva sentiments now available at Vintage Glam {in the shop & online}.  also NEW to this collection:   the WATCH pendant {ADORE!!!}. INSPIR... View Post